The Irondale Ensemble Project (Canada)

We Are…

Journey 2

a theatre company, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and working in communities throughout the province.   A group of theatre artists who share a commitment to creating and working in and through ensemble. Long term relationships and shared language, training and experience among members is essential.  Irondale focuses on  creating new theatre – brand new or dynamic interpretations of classic texts, and taking theatre into community setting and schools. We are always engaging in ideas and social discourse. Political in the best sense.


The artists who are part of Irondale include: Karen Bassett, Stewart Legere, Natasha MacLellan, Stephanie MacDonald, Lisa Rose Snow, Sebastien Labelle, Margaret Legere, Kristin Langille, Theo Pitsiavas, Stephen Cross, Andrea Leigh-Smith and Andrea Ritchie. Some have been members for 20 years, some are almost brand new!

We all share a commitment to making amazing theatre using ensemble processes.


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