Standing By

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Standing By is a hands-on workshop addressing bullying made for students in grades 4 – 6. In a classroom, three actors and a facilitator work with students, one class at a time, to create scenes of bullying drawn from their lives.  They use improvisation, forum and image theatre. These scenes will be played through and will end not where anyone wants to see it – unresolved, often with the person bullying still in control.  So we go back.

Through an interactive game, students will get to step into the scene and try out their strategies for positive change. The game is based on the idea that within the group lies all of the potential to solve problems. That given a supportive place to practice just how, those changes might be possible.  The work illustrates that change is both possible and difficult. We create a safe space to try ideas.  To put them in play without the inherent risks that happen in the real world.  The learning that happens here can serve to create change out there.  The workshop is created and facilitated by The Irondale Ensemble Project

In situations of bullying, there are at least three roles that can describe the people involved; someone who is bullying, a person being bullied, and observers or bystanders. Bystanders make up approximately 80% of student populations. Standing By looks at bullying incidents in their entirety, but focuses on the bystanders.

More Details:

The workshop is for students in grades 4 to 6 and is designed to be delivered to one class at a time with a maximum of 30 students in a given workshop. If you have two very small classes that you would like to combine for one session, please let us know that in advance.

It’s 45 – 50 minutes in length. We generally block 1 hour timeslots to allow for students to get in and out, and for the actors to catch their breath in between sessions.

Ideally, we do the workshop in an AV or multipurpose room, (so that there’s just one set up) and then the student groups come to us. A classroom-size room is all that we need.  We have sometimes been set up in libraries or music rooms. A gym is NOT a good space for this workshop.

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