Back in schools!

workshop 30S t a n d i n g  B y
addressing bullying through theatre 

We’re pleased to announce that our long-standing workshop dealing with bullying is once again available to NS schools.  Booking now for March & April, 2016.

Standing By is a hands-on workshop addressing bullying made for students in grades 4 – 6. In a classroom, three actors and a facilitator work with students, one class at a time, to create scenes of bullying drawn from their lives.  We create a safe space to try ideas.  To put them in play without the inherent risks that happen in the real world.  The learning that happens here can serve to create change out there.   Click here for more details.


In situations of bullying, there are at least three roles that can describe the people involved; someone who is bullying, a person being bullied, and observers or bystanders. Bystanders make up approximately 80% of student populations. Standing By looks at bullying incidents in their entirety, but focuses on the bystanders. 


Currently, the workshop is subsidized 50% by  PERFORM! with the generous support of Telus Community Fund  (and mileage costs are covered too!)

That means that you can book a 3-workshop day for your school for $255, or a 4-workshop day for $340!  You can book multiple days for your school.


We are booking in the HRSB starting March 10th and in areas outside of HRM beginning April 1st.  


Questions? Contact Andrea at or 902 429-1370.                      To book now, click here.


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