Get Off The Box!! Sept 26 -28, 2014

Then & NowWe were thrilled to present an excerpt from our 1996 production of Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People as part of  Ibsen Bites  hosted by Lunasea Theatre.  We chose the town meeting where Stockman is finally declared to be the people’s enemy. Our hero proclaims the town’s economic cash cow, the Springs, to be poisoned. The people rebel.  In our adaptation, this meeting explodes into a cacophonous, destructive dancing of the tarantella.  True to Irondale’s mandate to produce theatre filtered through a social justice lens, the original production included a chorus who voiced the safety violations leading up to the Westray mine explosion.  A testament to  Irondale’s aesthetic, the production was boldly physical and political. The play was originally directed by Stephen Cross and choreographed by Andrea Leigh Smith. The company doing this excerpt have all worked with Irondale for different spans of time over the past 20 years.  Our thanks to St. George’s Church, and Lunasea for the chance to put it on its feet.

the company  Karen Bassett, townsperson    Stephanie MacDonald, townsperson    Jim Fowler, Mayor    Theo Pitsiavas, Dr. Stockman   Andrea Ritchie costumes & production

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