The Courageous Actor

DSC07539a weekend workshop with Stephen Cross
August 2 – 4  Fri 5 – 8:30pm  Sat & Sun  10am – 5pm
at Danspace.  1531 Grafton St.
Fee: $250   To register email  or call 902 429-1370

Come spend the weekend working & playing in theatre.
The workshop will create a space to bridge between creative  ideas and their physical form. Wrangling with poetry and images.  Through improvisation and the mask, we’ll explore and demand the physical presence of the actor – “the courageous person in front…” so we can eliminate self-consciousness.

Stephen Cross is the Artistic Director of the school.  This summer, we’re offering just one 2½ day workshop.  The work of this weekend draws on the work of improvisation (Spolin) and the physical theatre (Lecoq), among others.

“How can we serve new work with old thinking?  We can’t.  So we have to develop ways to live artistically, to come to the experience of a new project as eager students to a delightful lesson.  This skill serves the theatre artist in all aspects of life in an ensemble.  My work is to encourage the student to know keenly the physical world around them.  By gaining awareness, they become increasingly available to taking on and embodying the physical world.  This is an expansion of Irondale’s commitment to experience and response to experience.  But the physical theatre brings its own set of rules.  Through it, I work to bring the student to know where the mind ends and the body begins.  This work allows them to approach neutrality. From here they can take on the work of the “other” – elements, animals, colours, sounds, materials, and characters.  They need to come to know themselves so they can live in their own body, and then to know the world so they can live in “other” bodies.”  –S.Cross

The weekend is an introduction to this work.  Full of movement, play and love for the theatre.  It’s going to be great!  Join us.

To register email  or call 902 429-1370

Scholarships available.  Contact Andrea Ritchie

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