It begins with the foot.

Normalize - Natasha MacLellan, Stewart Legere as fellow travellers.


Irondale’s long tradition of ensemble theatre and improvisation comes together with the work of the physical theatre. The collision of amazing ways of making theatre. A wonderful environment for learning and creation.

The Irondale School of Ensemble Theatre is offering this workshop for emerging and established professional actors, dancers, and other performance artists who want to engage in creating and performing.  Join us this summer in Halifax. July 23 to August 12, 2011. 

This 3 week intensive will focus on the actor creator. Daily training will involve performance classes, pilates, yoga, conditioning, acrobatics, dance, tai chi, ensemble singing and mask building. This workshop will be intense and very physical. Full of enthusiasm, inspiration, hope and love for the theatre

So come. 

Be engaged mind and body in this dynamic theatre. 

Tuition: $1200

There is a subsidy of 20%  for Nova Scotia residents and to students currently enrolled in acting programs at DalhousieUniversity, Acadia University or Syracuse University. 

Space is limited, so apply early. For details check out the School of Ensemble Theatre pages here on ourwebsite.     


Stephen Cross: Artistic Director, Performance, Acrobatics and Conditioning

Andrea Leigh-Smith: Pilates and Dance

YaoSun Tong:  Tai Chi

TBA : Yoga

Andrea Ritchie:  MaskBuilding 

Mission Statement

The Irondale School of Ensemble Theatre began in the summer of 2004. It exists to advocate for the art of ensemble theatre, to train actors to be able to carry on the traditions of ensemble theatre, to engage in a dynamic involvement with the international ensemble theatre movement and to work to establish educational collaborations with other practitioners of ensemble theatre.

Fields of study for performer creators include collective creation, group writing and devising, the history of ensemble theatre, and community arts practice. 

Questions?  We’d love to hear from you.

Reach us at (902)429-1370 or

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